Effekte von Landnutzungs- und Klimawandel für Landschaftswasserhaushalt und Abflussverhältnisse in hoch vulnerablen Landschaftsräumen am Beispiel der Modellregion Einzugsgebiet Salza

Manfred Frühauf
Andreas Bergmann
Gerd Schmidt
Michael Zierdt
Duration: 2011-2014

The regional effects of climate change will lead to an aggravation of the water balance situation in the Central German Arid Region. During periods of low water, increased nutrient and pollutant concentrations may therefore occur and, due to low water levels, the water bodies may exhibit increased temperatures and thus lower oxygen concentrations during summer radiation. This results in an increased risk potential (thermal eutrophication). It is also to be expected that the ecological passability of water bodies for migratory species will be endangered by decreasing runoff volumes and thus also water levels. For arable farming, the changed climatic conditions that have occurred (but above all the predicted development) result in a particular need for adaptation to the prolonged early summer and summer dry periods and the resulting consequences for cultivation conditions. In addition to climate protection, climate change and adaptation to the consequences of climate change are increasingly the subject of public and political discussion. Accordingly, the state of Saxony-Anhalt is pursuing a dual strategy of climate protection and adaptation to the consequences of climate change. The present research project positions itself in the field of efforts to further develop the scientific basis for implementing the strategies and action plans in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to climate change adaptation, the project is situated in the context of the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Since this involves deadline constraints within the implementation process, the research project has a certain temporal urgency. The state of Saxony-Anhalt is obliged to implement the European Water Framework Directive. Research on the interactions between climate impacts an. More…