Project BIOCULT represented with thematic session at GTOE2023 in Ceske Budejovice

The team of the DAAD project BIOCULT will lead the thematic session “Biodiversity and people: the role of culture and tradition in biodiversity conservation” at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö) and at the same time the “6th European Conference on Tropical Ecology”. The session will focus on the role that culture and tradition can play in biodiversity conservation and how societies have maintained species and ecosystems as part of their local traditions. In addition, traditions and lifestyles are changing in many parts of the tropics, and this is having an impact on traditional approaches to conservation.

We are represented with our own presentations from the fields of vegetation ecology, zoology, as well as interdisciplinary contributions from anthropogeography and ecosystem services:

  • The BioCult project: Harnessing synergies between cultural traditions
  • and biodiversity protection, Dr Mike Teucher (University of Halle, Germany).
  • Conservation and restoration of the Ethiopian church forests, Dr Habtamu Assaye and Prof. Dr Solomon Addisu (University of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)
  • Biodiversity and culture in the coastal Kaya forests of Kenya, Dr Maria Fungomeli (National Museums of Kenya, Kilifi, Kenya)
  • Conservation challenges for unique butterfly communities in the coastal
  • forest of southern Kenya, Laura Wagner (Senckenberg German Entomological Institute Müncheberg)
  • Inter‐generational learning and stakeholder harmonization to conserve
  • sacred forests in southern Kenya,Prof. Halimu Shauri (Pwani University, Kenya)
  • Forest condition and traditional governance in Kaya Kambe, Kenya, David Keck (University of Hamburg, Germany)
  • Potential conflict lines and synergies between ecosystem service use
  • and biodiversity conservation in East African countries, Marlon Wichmann (University of Vechta, Germany)

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