"Environmental monitoring and planning"

The German-language degree programme “Environmental Monitoring and Planning” has existed since 2007 and was originally conceived as a postgraduate programme. “Environmental Monitoring and Management”. The 2017-2020 cycle was characterised by the changeover to the new structure as an integrative component of a regular Master’s programme at the Faculty of Geography at ASU. As a result, the DSG was then integrated into two Master’s programmes in order to also give biology students the opportunity to participate in the DSG (see structure of the DSG).

Sub-project leader:
  • Dorothee Kley
  • Gerd Schmidt
  • Andrej Bondarovich
  • Ljudmila Sokolova
Background and objectives:
  • Enable Russian graduates to monitor the environment using natural indicators and data collected in the field and in the laboratory (but also from other geo-information sources, e.g. aerial/satellite imagery).
  • to support students with the DSG in order to open up special opportunities for them on the local labour market with the help of specialised training.


Halle (S.) and Barnaul (Russia)
2007 – 2022
Knowledge transfer, cooperation, education