Erstellung/Zusammenführung öffentlicher Wetter-/Klimadaten des LSA in einer gemeinsamen/zugänglichen Datenbank

Manfred Frühauf
Gerd Schmidt
Detlef Thürkow
Duration: 2008-2008

In the state of Saxony-Anhalt, a wide range of data on weather events is collected by public service institutions and analyses of climate development are carried out. Until now, however, this data has been kept in separate databases, making it difficult to access and storing it in different, often incomparable data formats and structures. The main aim of this project is therefore to bring together the data collected so far in the same structures on one server and to harmonise the measurement programmes on as large a denominator as possible. For this purpose, a database of data from measurement programmes that are as homogeneous as possible will be created while preserving the independence of the measurement network operators. The added value of such a homogenised system lies in the fact that users such as LLFG can draw on a denser information network for advice, scientific analyses and forecasts are placed on a broader data basis and the public is made more aware of the regional impacts of climate change. This database will be linked to an internet platform which, in addition to the visualisation of weather data, will also contain regional information on climate history and climate development as well as e-learning modules on climate change. This project will also expand the scientific cooperation between the Institute of Geosciences and the Institute of Agricultural and Food Sciences at MLU (i.e. within the Faculty of Natural Sciences III) and the LLFG, support the objectives of the Climate Change Working Group at MU and create a core for further (future) consolidation of other measuring stations available in the state.