Green Central Asia Consortium Meeting

A consortium meeting regarding the Green Central Asia project occurred in Halle on February 15, 2024. The Department of Geoecology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg orchestrated the event, drawing participants from diverse entities, including PIK and GFZ in Potsdam, GIZ in Tashkent, and DKU in Almaty.

During the one-day meeting, in-depth discussions ensued regarding the activities undertaken in the initial phase of the GCA project. Insights were shared, reflecting on lessons learned and identifying shortcomings in the approaches adopted. This critical analysis serves as a foundation for refining future strategies and ensuring the success of ongoing endeavors.

A key focus of the meeting was strategic planning for the forthcoming GCA-2 phase. Participants engaged in lively discourse on proposed activities, leveraging experiences, challenges, and triumphs from the preceding phase. Discussions extended to exploring enhanced coordination and collaboration options, emphasizing a united front for upcoming initiatives.